Moviestruck Episode 61: Sailor Moon S The Movie (1994) feat. Noir

In the name of the moon, we'll review you! I'm joined once more by Noir of the Rolling with Difficulty podcast to cover Sailor Moon S The Movie (1994). Will the Tuxedo Mask reveal top the last one? Or will we be frozen by a mysterious comet before we can find out?

Moviestruck would like to acknowledge the importance of the writers and actors on strike for equity in Hollywood. The films on this podcast would not exist without their work, creativity, and dedication, and they deserve to be compensated fairly and treated with respect by the studios and streaming services who profit from their efforts. If you are able, please show your solidarity through a donation to the Entertainment Community Fund ( to help the writers and actors on the picket lines stand strong for their art.
Where to find Noir:
Twitter: @NoirGalaxies
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