Patron Bonus! Cats (2019) ft. Brendan Connors

This episode was part of our Patron Drive! For early access to the bonus episodes and other rewards, check out the Moviestruck Patreon linked in the shownotes. Brendan (yeah, the Beach Blanket Bingo guy) agreed to talk Cats (2019), a movie we both care far too much about!
This episode was a reward as part of our Patron Drive! For more bonuses, check out the Moviestruck Patreon linked below, and thank you to all the Patrons who gave me a blatant excuse to talk about Cats (2019) for far too long - Sophia

Conheads, this one is for you! Brendan Connors joins the pod, in a twist, at Sophia's request to talk about Cats (2019), a movie that is 100% still relevant and funny. Stay towards the end to find out who's real actual cat is the jellicle choice!

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